Wait until there are three episodes then binge together I thought.

Have a nice Sunday night I thought.

Wind the weekend down with a bit of tv I thought.

Then I made it to the third episode of The Last of Us.

I absolutely was not ready for that, any of it. 📺

One of my favourite photos because of the way I unintentionally caught the image of wine glasses within wine glasses. It was a foodie weekend with friends at Burleigh Heads, Australia, in February 2021. So nice after the trash fire of 2020 to be able to get away somewhere. 🗺️

A table looking out to the beach, people in the surf further away and a clear blue sky. A black plate is in the foreground with chopsticks, large spoon and napkin on it. A tumbler with a yellow liquid is in front as are two empty wine glasses. Within the wine glasses are the smaller images of other wine glasses that are sitting behind them.

🍹 A little aperol spritz after a nice walk along the river. Warm out but not as bad as the end of last week.

Listening to the latest @hemisphericviews podcast while out walking. Scored a strange look from the person I was walking past just as I started laughing at the dolphin noises.

On Caturday, we observe the world from the balcony. 🐈

🥵 Thinking I should’ve sat out on the balcony with the cat before my shower not after. It’s 7:10pm and 34.5°c.

🖥️ Apparently there are spare new monitors available at work. Goodbye 24”, hello 27”.

We had a farewell at work today for someone the whole department adores. Lucky person is heading off into retirement.

One of our very talented staff sang For Good from Wicked to her with a few changes to the words to bring in some work references. It was absolutely lovely.

Water saving tip for the day.

sticker on a wall that reads "Dance Yrself Clean"

The final season of Star Trek: Picard looks brilliant. ST:TNG has been, and always will be, my favourite Star Trek. I’m very much looking forward to the crew getting back together again in some way. 🖖🏻