The short version

Tea drinker in love/hate relationship with coffee, owned by a cat, Doctor Who fan, recovering cynic. I go to work so I can go on holidays.

The long version

Hi. I'm Peter from Brisbane where The Cat runs the household. A pretty wide range of interests and always keen to learn new stuff.

A life long Doctor Who fan, I love most things scifi but firmly in the Star Trek camp when it comes to Star Trek Vs Star Wars.

Probably have too many subscriptions to streaming channels but have a goal of a minimum 26 books a year to make sure I'm not always staring at a screen.

Other things I find interesting are good podcasts, great restaurants, sustainability, film, wine, hunting down a great gin and cocktail, and '80s music.

I tell people the main reason I go to work is so I can go on holidays as I love to travel.

About this site

What is this site about? Not entirely sure is the best answer!

I decided I needed some little projects for my spare hours and this is one of them. I have a digital footprint that's scattered across a lot of places so I thought I’d set up a little space on micro.blog to try and draw the bits together.

It might just end up a collection of thoughts on Doctor Who with some assorted ramblings on Star Trek. All interspersed with photos of the cat. Who knows. Let’s see where it will go.

My scattered footprint

Some of the bits I'm trying to consolidate on here are:

Mastodon: @peterw@aus.social

Instagram: meanderingspace

Nothing Original Here - An old Tumblr that I might reinvigorate one day

Micro.blog: @meandering

Twitter: @peterw although I only use it very rarely after the current owner took over

Goodreads: I make a sporadic attempt to track my reading on Goodreads but it is very incomplete


You can email me or message me on Mastodon if you use it, which you absolutely should.