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If you start now and watch seven episodes a week (including specials) you will have completed all of the 2005 onward episodes of Doctor Who before the 60th special airs in November. 📺

A polar blast delivering a single digit cold snap to most of Eastern Australia is the perfect reason to pull out some fandom winter gear a little earlier than normal.

Tonight, my feet will be kept warm by hand knitted woollen TARDIS socks and my head by a police box beanie.

Blue socks knitted to resemble the TARDIS from Doctor Who. “Police Box” is in white lettering inside a black band near the top and white squares underneath are the windows.A blue beanie resembling the TARDIS from Doctor Who. A black band has “Police Box” “public call” in white capital letters inside. Underneath are white squares in two 3x2 grids representing the windows.

Murray Gold returning as Doctor Who composer 📺

The news that Murray Gold is returning to Doctor Who is quite exciting, for me anyway. I love the way each season he created new material, giving each important character their own piece. You hear Clara’s theme and you see that leaf blowing on the wind. You hear “I am the Doctor” and you see Eleven leaping into action. Hearing his theme in 2005 when the Doctor finally returned to our screens was just so exciting.

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“Sometimes I think there’s something missing, like I had something lovely … and it’s gone”

The trailer for the 2023 Doctor Who specials has plenty to create excitement but also ensures it doesn’t give away the plot. Perfect.

Waiting a year to see the episode? Not perfect.

About to finalise my last 2022 to-do list. If something isn’t on it today, it’s not getting done this year. It amuses me to write my lists in a notebook with exterminate on it. I bought 12 on sale when the ABC Australia shops closed years ago and sadly this is the last one.

A spiral bound A4 hardcover notebook. There is a 4x4 grid of squares of different colours with a Dalek inside each one. Across the bottom is Exterminate! in red capital letters. A yellow pen is sitting on the book.

I’ve never seen Coronation Street so I don’t know Millie Gibson at all. Looks like RTD is going for a younger vibe again though. Can’t wait for new Doctor Who in 2023. 📺…

The BBC has released the trailer for The Power of the Doctor, which is the final Doctor Who episode with Jodie Whittaker and also the final with Chris Chibnall in charge.

I’m excited for it but mainly because it means Chibnall is gone. Jodie has been ill served with him in charge during her time. I’m very much hoping Russell T Davies finds a way to bin most of the terrible Chibnall concepts, starting with the stupid timeless child premise. 📺

Decided to watch Doctor Who from the very first episode and work my way forward to the end of the old series. I’m quite looking forward to this, it’s been years since I watched the old episodes in a continuous way. I usually dip in and out.

Kicking off tonight with An Unearthly Child in which we get Susan explaining “Well I made up the name TARDIS from the initials, time and relative dimension in space”. 📺

Decided I’d take advantage of the Britbox $2 for two months special and check it out. Should be enough time to see what it has that I can’t find elsewhere. If nothing else I can binge a lot of Doctor Who given it claims to have every episode of every doctor. 📺