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Time to settle in for a great Christmas movie and watch Severus Snape fall out of Nakatomi Plaza. 🎥🍿

The cinema release poster for the movie Die Hard. A head shot of the actor Bruce Willis and a tall office building with flames exploding from the top floors.

Watched Star Trek: Wrath of Khan again tonight for the umpteenth time and it’s still my favourite Star Trek movie, followed very closely by First Contact. Khaaaan! 🎥🍿

Saw Top Gun: Maverick today & really enjoyed it. Action sequences need to be seen on the big screen, opening sequence was a great throwback to the original and it wasn’t overdone on the macho. Most importantly, it came in at just over 2hrs, which is the perfect run time. 🎥

A trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder has dropped and I can’t wait until it opens. The Thor movies are my favourites of the Marvel movies as they come with just that little bit of extra humour. 🎥 🍿…