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Afternoon walks at sunset are good for the soul and a very pleasant way to wind out the weekend.

Looking down a boat ramp into the Brisbane river. A blue and white, double level, city cat ferry is in the middle and apartment buildings on the other side of the river are in the background. The sky is darkening as it’s just on sunset.

A road along the river near me is a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists.

I often think how this sign is good life advice and not just a caution to cyclists.

I sometimes need to remind myself to take time to enjoy the world around me instead of ticking the next task off.

A large yellow rectangular box painted longways on the road. "Slow down" is painted in large red capital letters in the top half.

I went a different way on my walk and saw some street art I’ve not noticed before.

The Terminator from the original movie painted an a dark background on an old brick wall. A big red “kaboom” is over it’s left shoulder. In the upper left corner is a light coloured box with “earlier models look human! Bad smells and jokes. I will be replaced”

My battle wagon is ready.

It might also just be the local rowing club ready for the river first thing in the morning.

The rear of a trailer holding 16 rowing sculls. The photo is taken at an angle so the ends appear like spikes pointing skyward.

City hall in Brisbane, Australia, lit up for Christmas.

Brisbane City lit in red and green lighting. The front columns are all red with the portico behind in green. Clock tower is all green.