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📽️ Thanks to the pandemic I haven’t been to the Sydney Film Festival since 2019. Rectifying that with two films tonight. 🍿

✈️ Bag is packed and near the front door. So keen for a little trip away for a few days.

Out of office set.

Engaging extended long weekend mode. 🍸

See you next Tuesday desk.

A square sign sitting on a desk. The image says “Current mood:” and then in larger font underneath “Chill”. A blue whimsical emoji face is below that.

Increasingly unhappy with the way a particular area of the organisation I work at has taken to responding to important queries by calling rather than replying to an email.

Almost like they don’t want you citing the email when a different person from the same area gives contradictory advice later.🤔

📖 Winding down the weekend with a book, a glass of red wine and the cat curled up snoring against my leg. 10/10

I have a list of things I intended to do today but now I’ve done the ‘must do’ items I’m inclined to abandon the rest.

My brain needs some downtime and an overcast winters day is perfect for doing the ironing while watching a movie. The repetition is quietly calming, well it is for this weirdo.


No movement allowed.

Plans deferred. 🐈‍⬛🐱

A black and white cat curled up on a lap. Under the cat is a crocheted blanket over the man’s legs. The blanket has light blue, pink, yellow, brown and green colours. The edges of a yellow chair he is sitting in are visible.

I wasn’t sure about Silo after watching the first two episodes. The pacing seemed a bit slow and I felt they could’ve been one episode.

I stayed with it though and the next four episodes were much better. Less padding, more plot development.

I have my theories so keen to see how they pan out. 📺

Bought some charging cables from Aldi in today’s special buys. They’ll probably last longer than the Apple cables despite being cheaper.

For a company that charges a premium just because of the brand, Apple cables are rubbish; always have been.

Did I watch The Pirates of Penzance movie last night? Why yes, yes I did.

One of my favourite Gilbert and Sullivan operas and this adaptation of the Broadway production has Kevin Kline, Angela Lansbury and Linda Ronstadt.

A rollicking good bit of fun. 🎥🍿