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On my last trip to Europe I was fortunate to visit the Belvedere building complex in Vienna on a clear sunny day. One of my favourite photos from that trip is the baroque palace and its mirror image in the water in front.

A large white baroque palace with green roof, two main levels and a smaller third and fourth level in the middle third. The palace is clearly reflected in the very large pond in front.

My friend Ash is a passionate advocate for cycling. What I enjoy is how he’s not negative towards cars and drivers the way some are, he just shows the positive aspects of cycling. I just love this one of riding around Brisbane that he’s recently posted to his YouTube channel.

When I travel I like to bring back souvenirs that will be used, not just looked at.

This knife from a trip to Kyoto, Japan, has “Peter” stamped in Japanese script on it. It’s used regularly and whenever I slice something up I’m reminded of the holiday.

A knife with a wooden handle on a benchtop. The paper under the knife says Aritsugu WAGOKORO knife.

I wasn’t very prompt at trading this in. I wonder if my niece will still honour it despite the must be used by date.

In this home I’m just the support act, the cat is the lead attraction. 🐈

A black and white cat looking out from under a mustard yellow chair.

I often reflect how an instrument that cost about $10 over 30 years ago is probably the most well used and oldest utensil in the kitchen.

A metal corkscrew with a simple wooden handle and a bell shape stopper about two thirds of the way along to pull the cork up into.

Afternoon walks at sunset are good for the soul and a very pleasant way to wind out the weekend.

Looking down a boat ramp into the Brisbane river. A blue and white, double level, city cat ferry is in the middle and apartment buildings on the other side of the river are in the background. The sky is darkening as it’s just on sunset.

On Caturday, Ms Ali gets to nap outside while I read.

I’m going to be in so much trouble when I pick her up to go inside shortly.

A black and white cat stretched out asleep on a large black box. Her front paws are crossed and hanging over the edge of the box.Looking down from above, a black and white cat is stretched out asleep on a large black box. Her front paws are hanging over the edge of the box.

I miss going to the markets near where I used to live. The small quantities this stall holder sold instead of larger jars were perfect and meant my spice rack had a lot of variety.

It was a very busy day when I visited the Court of the Sun King. The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles was very full but fortunately the beauty was above the crowds.