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Star Trek Picard S3 just gets better with each episode. Jonathan Frakes does a superb job as director of episode 3.

So many great lines. 🖖🏻📺

Wait until there are three episodes then binge together I thought.

Have a nice Sunday night I thought.

Wind the weekend down with a bit of tv I thought.

Then I made it to the third episode of The Last of Us.

I absolutely was not ready for that, any of it. 📺

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are two of my favourite shows. Insightful political comedy that is still as accurate and cutting as when it first screened 40 years ago. 📺

I’m enjoying both House of the Dragon and Rings of Power but the former is definitely the better of the two. I think the jumps ahead in years has helped it in terms of pace and the feeling things are happening. Rings is a slow burn with disparate plot lines that works against it in some ways. 📺

Rings of Power this week felt like a filler episode and I’m finding the Harfoot storyline annoying. 📺

Just watched the first three episodes of the new season of Westworld. I see that they’ve stayed with the approach of multiple confusing sub plots, cryptic statements by characters, nothing is simple, blood, gore and death, so much death. All set to the usual great music. 📺

Discovered Blake’s 7 is on britbox so I’ll be indulging in some great old sci-fi for the next little while. Along with Doctor Who and Star Trek Original Series, it’s one of the first shows to get me hooked on sci-fi. 📺