🍺 Friday done, work week done. Time for a beer.

A few of us at work play Uno as a wellness activity at lunch on a Friday. While there’s a very high chance the mildest insult will be your parentage being called into question, it’s a lot of fun and a good way to start winding down the week.

A box of Uno playing cards on a white table. The box is red with UNO in large yellow letters in the top half and the bottom has yellow, green and blue cards numbered 2, 3 and 4.

The way an insect will wrap itself in a cocoon and then reappear transformed is one of the many marvels of nature that will never cease to fill me with joy.

A silver blue cocoon hanging from a thin branch. The background is full of green leaves.

I have a tiny Dalek that sits in front on my computer monitor at home. I occasionally find it cathartic to turn it to point at the screen during online meetings 😇

A white Dalek with gold markings from the tv show Doctor Who.

Took the houseplant out to water it and came back to find the cat in residence. 🐈

A large woven basket sitting on white tiles. A black and white cat is sitting upright inside the pot. The cat is sitting side on so her white belly and black back is clearly visible as is her black head and white chin.

I may have a lot of smart devices in my home but I still keep an analogue clock (or analog for the Americans) where I can see it when watching tv.

I bought this clock nearly 20 years ago on a holiday in Tasmania and it hasn’t played up once in all that time.

A round clock face showing 8:05 set into carved wood. The shape is a classic mantel clock with flat base and curved top.

On Caturday we sit in the sun and watch the birds sitting on the building next door.

A black and white cat sitting on a faded pink, white and blue striped cushion in a chair. The cat is looking up and to the right. Her body and head are black but her chin and belly and paws are white.

I love walking towards one of the original buildings on campus. The big front entry on the first level, with the large stairs up to the high four column portico is such a classical design and is a relief to look at given the plethora of nondescript buildings that surround it.

A three level white building in the lower half with a brilliant blue sky in the upper half. The ground level is open to allow pedestrian access.

When you’re a bit early for dinner you have a cocktail while waiting for others.

A long stemmed cocktail glass with red liquid and a white frothy layer on top. A small purple coloured flower is resting on top.

🍀 I wonder if I can get an Irish Coffee at the cafe this morning. It is St Patrick’s Day after all.