A road along the river near me is a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists.

I often think how this sign is good life advice and not just a caution to cyclists.

I sometimes need to remind myself to take time to enjoy the world around me instead of ticking the next task off.

A large yellow rectangular box painted longways on the road. "Slow down" is painted in large red capital letters in the top half.

Sometimes you need a lot of patience when you live with a cat. There’s a reason I sometimes refer to Ms Ali as “my little lunatic”. 🐈

A black and white cat sitting on a clothes airer that is hung over the top of a door. The airer extends horizontally from the doir and the cat is sitting precariously across the thin wire bars of the airer.

📆 The Ides of March. Time to settle your debts and keep an eye on that friend named Brutus.

I love travel and I especially love flying. I often refer to it as being up in my happy place. I will never cease to enjoy looking out to the horizon just as the sun is starting to appear.

A view looking out of a plane window towards the horizon. A small part of the engine is visible to the left and bottom and the bottom half of the view are white clouds and the upper half blue sky with a bright stripe of sunlight separating the two.

Who doesn’t love a collection of ice cream. 🍦

A variety of brightly coloured ice cream in a fridge cabinet.

Every episode of Star Trek Picard S3 has fan service in it.

Episode 4: “Admiral you have the con”, TNG music starts, Picard sits in the middle chair, does the uniform shirt pull down, gives a heading then the finger point “engage”.

Perfect callback to TNG and I loved it.🖖🏻📺

A shiny new magnet has just been added to the fridge. Given to me by a friend who knows me well. 🐈

A black rectangular magnet. In white writing from top to bottom it says "Sorry I can't tonight, then an outline of a cat wearing sunglasses, I have a date with my cat”.

Tweetbot has updated its icon 😢

Apple Store app update page for the twitter app, Tweetbot. The blue bird that has been the icon has been updated to have a halo like an angel implying that it is dead, which the app now is.

Out on the balcony with Ms Ali and she walked onto the exposed part just as it started raining. Now I’m being glared at as if this is somehow my fault. Just another Caturday. 🐈

A black and white tuxedo cat sitting upright on an outside table glaring at the camera. Her body and head are black but her belly, nose, chin and lower half of her paws are white. There’s a green plant off to the left.

My @hemisphericviews stickers arrived! These are most definitely not gimcrack and will be going straight on the laptop.

A great podcast that I look forward to each fortnight.

A brown envelope postmarked Portland Oregon on a stone bench top. On top of the envelope are three yellow and blue stickers of different shapes with “Hemispheric Views” on them plus one black and white sticker in the shape of a coffee pot which has “coffee pot games” inside the pot.